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The Neroche Villages Newsletter is produced on a quarterly basis by a team of volunteers from the Neroche Communication Action Group. They do this as a service to the community. It is delivered free of charge by another team of volunteers to households in the Neroche Parish area.

The newsletter aims to keep residents informed about local issues and items of interest, and to foster a strong community spirit.

The cost of production is met by donations, advertising and grants from Neroche Parish Council, the Neroche Hall Committee and Taunton Racecourse.

There is a mix of articles on topical issues and activities; information from our MP and parish, district and county councillors; updates from Neroche Hall; promotion of coming events and reports on recent ones; a farming column; and a wide variety of items of interest about what individuals, groups and businesses in the parish are doing.

Copies of previous editions are shown below.

Summer 2024 Edition of Neroche Villages Newsletter

The Summer 2024 issue of the Neroche Villages’ Newsletter has now been delivered, free of charge, to all 250 households and businesses in Neroche Parish. An electronic copy can be downloaded from the link below.

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