Come and join our new Neroche Environment Group. Amongst other projects highlighted in the recent Neroche Community Review we hope to develop a collection of local wildflowers suitable for our heavy clay soils for planting in and around the parish. We would love volunteers to help us grow wildflower “plugs” cowslips, common orchid, etc.

Several of us in the new environment group are happy to run some ‘come and see’ sessions to show you what we have achieved by leaving parts of our gardens and fields to nature.

We are keen to help local people become Citizen Scientists. You can do this by joining:

Water Quality Monitoring Group who will be testing the water quality in our local streams.Most of the water from our local springs and streams flows into the Rivers Tone and Parrett. The Westcountry Rivers Trust will train, equip and support local people who would like to get active in monitoring the water quality within the parish.

Becoming a Bumble Bee Champion. Somerset is home to some of the rarest bumblebees in Britain. The Bumblebee Conservation Trust need to know where they are to help protect them and their habitats. You can help by making monthly recording in a defined area.

If you are interested or need more information about any of these projects contact Jane.hole@outlook.com

Mount Fancy Butterfly Reserve: The Butterfly Conservation Trust is looking for citizen science volunteers to walk the reserve to record sightings of butterflies during the spring and summer. Contact annabcwarden@gmail.com or Meg at mechteldvanheck@yahoo.co.uk