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What is an Annual Parish Meeting?

Parishes in England are required by law to hold an Annual Parish Meeting.

It is not a parish council meeting.

It is an open meeting of residents, independent of the parish council, which allows residents to discuss issues of concern or interest within their parish with their parish council.

The Annual Parish Meetings for the area covered by Neroche Parish Council are held in April or May in Neroche Hall.

Technically four meetings held, one for each of the civil parishes of Bickenhall, Curland, Orchard Portman with Thurlbear, and Staple Fitzpaine, although in practice issues of common concern are dealt with at an open public meeting at the start of the evening.

The Chair of Neroche Parish Council council presents his/her Annual Report. This outlines what the council has achieved in the past year, what it plans to undertake in the coming year, and issues the council considers important. Residents of the four parishes have the opportunity to raise and discuss matters of interest with the council during the meeting.

But our Annual Parish Meeting is much more than this. It is a pleasant and informative event, a major part of which gives local organisations and groups the chance to display and talk about their activities. In this way residents can find out what is happening in Neroche and join the groups.

In addition, outside speakers are usually invited to talk about matters of interest to the community.

Annual Parish Meeting of Neroche Parish 2021

The meeting was held on 15th April 2021 via Zoom because of Covid-19 restrictions.

It was initiated and organized by parishioners, Alan Hyde and Jane Hole, on behalf of residents. They chose the topics and speakers for the open section of the meeting.

The Neroche Parish Council Acting Chairman, John Parsons, and Parish Clerk, Jacqueline Wanstall, organized the formal part of the Annual Parish Meeting. John Parsons chaired the entire meeting. Jacqueline Wanstall advertised the meeting and also managed the virtual ZOOM meeting.

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