May 2024

Annual Parish Council Meeting

The Annual Parish Council Meeting will take place this year at 7.30Pm on Tuesday 14th May 2024 in Neroche Hall, TA3 6TY.

The Agenda and Minutes will be published when they become available.

Ordinary Meetings of the parish council take place on the second Tuesday of every month in Neroche Hall, TA3 6TY.

The meetings commence with a public forum at 7.30pm which allows any member of the community to attend and raise comments and questions for the council.

These may be responded to in writing by the Parish Clerk following the meeting or added to the agenda for the next meeting if they require further discussion.

If Parishioners wish to raise items for discussion at a forthcoming meeting of the Parish Council, they may do so by contacting either their local councillor, or the Parish Clerk.

You can find a full list of Councillors and their contact details on the Representatives page or Emily can be contacted at emily.york@nerochevillages.org.uk .